Essay Gateway is a one stop solution for all your content needs. Our team of content writers work towards creating original pieces of work in perfect English to perfectly fit your requirements. Our array of services ranges from Academic to Professional and all things in between.

Academic Services


Our team of writers come from vastly different backgrounds to create the perfect assignment for you. Whether it be theoretical in nature or practical, we offer you uniquely tailored assignments in perfect English.

Literature Review

Reading through a dense course pack just to write a review of it is one of the most unthankful tasks a student has to do. At Essay Gateway, we ensure that we take care of this task for you. Our Literature reviews are one hundred percent original so that you do not worry about plagiarism.

Research Paper

Writing Research papers is never an easy task. The sheer amount of research, hard work and attention to detail required can make many a student quiver with fear. Our staff has the experience required to draft a research paper satisfying all your academic demands and guaranteeing that grade for you.

Research Proposal

Started a new project without having enough research to follow it through? We got your back. Our team of writers will provide you with research proposals made for your unique research topic and provide you an outline of how to go forward with your thesis.


One of the most complicated and dreaded tasks of any student is to write a dissertation. Having an in-depth knowledge of your subject is not nearly enough as the dissertation requires an iron-clad will to sit and write for prolonged periods of time. Let our team of experts handle this for you as they prepare a stringent research base to satisfy all your academic needs.

Academic Reports

An academic report is an exercise in research and presentation as you get. Similarly, it is one of the most common forms of writing that students across disciplines are expected to do. Whether it be a comparative analysis or an analysis of the new law, our team is always there for you.

Essay Writing

Our Essay writing services range from Literary to Economical and everything in between. Whether you need to write a reflective essay or an essay to highlights the flaws in Capitalism, we will write it for you.

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Literature Review

Often reports need to be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation as a summary. So how does one cram a two thousand work report into six slides? Let us handle that for you as you sit back and watch your professor get impressed by your analytical skills.

Speech Writing

Regardless of how tough a term report might be, students will still prefer it to speeches. Speaking cohesively on a subject in front of your peers can be a daunting prospect. Our team of speech writers will cover the topic and draft a witty and data driven speech for you which will be sure to get you noticed.

Professional Services

Internship Report

Completing at least one Internship is a staple for College life. And while Internships are often fun and useful, drafting a report for each Internship is often not. This is why we offer you the chance to avail our Internship report services whether you were a part of the social sector or corporate.

Project Proposal

If you are in any company, one of the hardest things you can be expected to do is drafting a project proposal which covers all the relevant details of the proposal and highlights the plan of action. It is one of the few times, your skills as an employee are moot as the supervisors are looking for a well drafted document. Let our team of professional content writers assist you in this venture.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is one of the unsung heroes of the professional world. It comes handy in all sorts of situations which is why you need a strong cover letter which puts you across as a force to be reckoned with.


Looking to nail that interview and get the dream job? It all starts with the perfect CV. Do not rely on Internet templates which are available to every person on the Internet. Let us draft your CV to ensure that you stand out and get noticed.