Plagiarism is one of the things we do not condone in our company. Plagiarism, or using other’s work and calling it your own, is the most egregious accusation that can be leveled against a student. Our disciplined and professional writers always write papers from scratch. To ensure the safety of our clients, we operate multiple professional plagiarism checking systems that will never miss a plagiarized paper. We value our clients’ time and money, so we aim to provide them with non-plagiarized top-quality papers.



We use proprietary software, specifically designed for academic submissions, that employs algorithms to detect material that has been submitted as original work as well as content that has been published. We recognize that the best paper is worthless if it is plagiarized, and so we protect you, and ourselves, by checking every paper. You have nothing to fear when you turn in a paper from, because all of our product has been tested more thoroughly before you receive it than it will be when you turn it in.

Our software is constantly updated and matches all modern equivalents in terms of capacity and effectiveness. It scans all accessible internet pages for possible matches. Apart from directly copied parts, our algorithms are also capable of detecting:

  • Rearranged word order and overall sentence structure
  • Words substituted with synonyms
  • Changes from active into passive voice and vice versa

 You can be assured that every paper we provide is 100% original.




To guard against plagiarism, universities submit student’s work to rigorous testing that is designed to find material that is not original. This testing examines not only material that is available in reference materials, but also work that has been turned in by other students.

Universities are cautious, and rightfully so, because they want to be assured that students are not simply copying and pasting documents they find and calling it their own. They test their students’ work to make sure that everything that is submitted is original. Do not let yourself be subject to accusations of plagiarism; protect yourself and your academic career by using’s guaranteed original, plagiarism-free content.

We do our best to prevent these unfortunate situations and make sure you have a plagiarism-free paper where everything is properly quoted and referenced.



Every piece of work that we handle is subjected to demanding testing that is designed to eliminate any possibilities of it not being original. We test our writer’s work against their previous submissions and also with the same software that your university will use. We do this so that we are certain that you will not be subject to any accusations of plagiarism and to protect our reputation within the academic community.

We care about our reputation, and that is why we are so stringent with our internal testing. Before you review your paper, it has been tested against our personal database as well as software that compares it to millions of sources, all in our quest to guarantee an original paper. You never need to worry about receiving a paper that has been written prior to your order; we pride ourselves on delivering original content.



In the unlikely event you suspect there is plagiarism in your paper, we are ready to revise it free of charge as soon as possible, double-checking all the quotes, references, and works cited. If at that point a free revision is futile, you can request a refund, provided there is any valid evidence of non-original content in the paper.